Just in time for Halloween, A24 has released an official-trailer for ‘The Monster,’ a new horror-thriller starring Zoe Kazan, Scott Speedman and Ella Ballentine.

The film was directed by popular horror filmmaker Bryan Bertino (The Strangers), who wrote and directed the chilling tale of a divorced mother (Zoe Kazan) and her headstrong daughter. In the film the two characters must make an emergency late night road trip to see the girl’s father, when everything goes horribly wrong.

As the duo drive through deserted country roads on a stormy night, they suddenly have a startling collision that leaves them shaken but not seriously hurt. Their car, however, is dead, and as they try in vain to get help, they come to realize they are not alone on these desolate backroads. In the darkness waits a terrifying evil, which seems to be lurking in the surrounding woods.

The studio described the film calling it “a chilling and tension-filled experience,” adding “The Monster pits two ferociously strong women against one of the scariest and most shocking monsters you’ll ever see. It will be a battle no one will forget.”

Horror fans can add the film to their list of Halloween screenings, at least we hope it will be released by then. A24 only teased that the film will be released in 2016 and didn’t confirm an official release-date for the film at this time.

With any luck the film will hit theaters in late October, or early November, but you never know. The holiday film-release schedule is pretty packed at this point, with ‘Fantastic Beasts’ from Warner Bros. Pictures, and Disney taking up multiple slots for ‘Rogue One’ and the live-action’Beauty and the Beast’ adaption. Luckily, fans can always make room at the box-office for a great horror-thriller. More information on a premiere date is sure to be released over the next few weeks.