This week was an amazing episode for ‘Star Wars: Rebels,” Disney XD’s follow-up to the immensely popular animated series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’. Not only did fans get to see Darth Maul return to the storyline, they also got to see how two opposing Holocrons can work together, and they got a very big tease about the show’s future.

While almost all of the episode was fantastic, the last few moments are what most message boards and fan-sites are buzzing about.

After Maul secures both the Jedi Holocron and the Sith Holocron by ransoming most of the crew of the Ghost, Ezra and Maul combine their abilities to open both Holocrons simultaneously, combining them, and granting both of them insight into their deepest desires. Since the show mostly follows Ezra’s journey, the episode told us that Ezra was searching for a way to defeat the Sith, while Maul’s motivation was kept secret from the viewer.

Maul’s words at the end of the episode hint at what he was searching for with the two Holocrons, telling his droid crew “He lives….” before the episode abruptly ends. Right off the bat this means OObi Wan Kenobi to most fans, since Darth Maul and Obi-Wan have a past that stretches all the way back to the prequel films when Maul struck down Obi-Wan’s master Qui-Gon Jinn. Fans should also remember that it was Obi-Wan that ‘killed’ Maul, cutting him down in the movies only to have him reappear later in the animated series as a half-machined revenge seeker.

That revenge plot is why most signs point to Obi-Wan as the center of Darth Maul’s attention moving forward, but the language was just vague enough that it could in-fact mean another soon-to-be Jedi… Luke.

During the combination of the two Holocrons, Ezra saw twin suns, and strange distant planets. Later he admitted that he wasn’t sure if he was seeing images that would help him fight the Sith, or images from Maul’s desires. In a way, Luke and Obi-Wan could be both. The two Jedi are instrumental in ultimately defeating the Sith, and we already talked about why Maul would be looking for Obi-Wan.

The twin-suns comment almost certainly puts the marker on Tatooine, calling back the famous shot of the planet in ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope’ when we meet a young Luke Skywalker working on his Aunt and Uncle’s moisture farm. So it really comes down to knowing who the “he” in “he lives” is.

It would be extremely bold for the series to give Maul the knowledge of Luke’s connection to Vader. So to assume that Luke is the “he” is kind of a stretch at this point. It’s much more likely that Maul has finally learned the location of his greatest rival, Obi-Wan, and now he can finally hunt him down on Tatooine.

With Tatooine being one of the most famous planets in Star Wars’ lore, it’s very exciting to think that the series might be heading into events just before Episode IV. We met Obi-Wan as an old-man in ‘A New Hope,’ and at this time-period he should still be relatively old, but it still seems unlikely that a young Luke might come into the story at all on Rebels this season. At least fans have three more new episodes to enjoy this month, hopefully we will get a little closer to unraveling Maul’s mystery.