This week at Photokina, Polaroid introduced the new Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera. The updated Snap Touch will offer the same instant photography experience that previous models introduced, but with new refinements and features.

“As the original pioneers of instant photography, we at Polaroid have been dedicated to bringing products to market which fit our brand DNA of instant gratification, sharing, and fun throughout our history,” said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. “Today, we’re focused on designing products which meet the needs of modern consumers, but still trigger the emotional response of our legacy Polaroid cameras. There’s no better example of this than the Polaroid Snap. The instant digital camera boasts a fun and exciting design that’s unlike anything else on the market, and we’re incredibly excited to debut its successor, the Polaroid Snap Touch, at Photokina 2016.”

The Polaroid Snap Touch offers a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen for framing shots and navigating the camera’s menu, and there is a new and improved 13 megapixel CMOS sensor for higher-quality images. The device also offers 1080p full HD video recording. All images and video are stored on a micro SD card (up to 128GB) to allow for sharing later. Previous versions of the Snap Touch are available on sites like, so the new device might be headed to more retailers in the future.

Integrated within the Polaroid Snap Touch is a printer which uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. This gives consumers the ability to capture and instantly print full-color, 2×3″ photographs, all at a significantly lower cost than traditional instant film prints. Of course the new Polaroid Snap Touch is ideal for today’s selfie shooters thanks to a self-timer and the addition of a fun selfie mirror that ensures the user is framed perfectly in the shot. Additionally, the instant digital camera offers three color modes—black and white, color, and vintage sepia—with the option to print with or without the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo.

This version is also Bluetooth compatible, so you can connect easily to the Polaroid Print App. Now users are no longer limited to just printing photos captured by the camera itself. Using Bluetooth and the app, users can now pair the Polaroid Snap Touch with other devices such as smartphones and tablets to transform the device into an instant photoprinter.

The app, available free for iOS and Android, will also give users the ability to edit and enhance images saved on other mobile devices using a number of creative filters, digital stickers, effects and controls, and then print via the Polaroid Snap Touch.

Polaroid also debuted the Polaroid rainbow border 2×3″ premium ZINK Paper at Photokina. The camera’s ZINK-enabled printer uses heat to activate and colorize cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals embedded in the paper. The result is full-color, high quality, long-lasting and smudge-proof images without ink cartridges, ribbons or toner.

The latest version of ZINK Paper features five fun, brightly colored borders reminiscent of the familiar white Polaroid Classic Border Logo the brand is famous for. The colored border will automatically appear around the image after a photo is printed. In addition to the new Polaroid Snap Touch, the Polaroid rainbow border 2×3″ premium ZINK Paper is compatible with the first generation Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Zip instant photoprinter.

ZINK 2×3″ photos print in just under a minute so consumers can instantly share the photo with their friends and family. Additionally, ZINK Paper is adhesive backed so the photo can be used as a sticker as well.