‘Free Fire’ hit the Toronto Film Festival this week, showing off the chaotic-madness that Ben Wheatley crafted for the screen. The oftentimes violent, sometimes humorous, gritty crime-drama was a high-point for the Midnight Madness section of the festival, and you can get an early look at the film thanks to a new trailer that was released this morning.

A24 released a red-band trailer for ‘Free Fire’ this afternoon. The film will serve as Larson’s follow-up film to ‘Room’ (which won Larson the Academy Award for Best Actress) which was also disrupted by A24. The popular actor has several new projects in the works, including ‘Marvel’s Captain Marvel’ film and ‘Kong: Skull Island’. Larson is also set to star in ‘The Glass Castle’ with Naomi Watts, Max Greenfield and Woody Harrelson.

A24 picked up distribution for the film in 2016, ‘Free Fire’ was directed by Ben Wheatley. Joining Larson on-screen are Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, Sam Riley and Sharlto Copley. According to the studio ‘Free Fire; centers around an arms deal that goes horribly wrong. In the film Justine (Larson) has brokered a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two Irishmen and a gang led by Vernon (Copley) and Ord (Hammer), who are selling them a stash of guns. The studio teases, “But when shots are fired during the handover, complete pandemonium ensues, with everyone at the scene suddenly thrust into a heart-stopping game of survival.” You can watch the trailer below, just keep in mind that it is a red-band trailer, so it may not be suitable for all work environments. With that in mind, we would suggest wearing headphones if you are in a crowded room at the moment.

The script was written by Amy Jump and the director Ben Wheatley. A24 hasn’t given an exact release-date on the film, but ‘Free Fire’ is currently scheduled to release in 2017.