Aliens is one of the great film-franchises to launch out of the late 1970s, and although not all of them are perfect, the collection is one of the best in the genre. Now fans of Ripley’s space-adventure can celebrate three decades of suspense with the Aliens 30th Anniversary Limited-Edition Set. This is the second installment in the limited-edition set, but if you missed the first release you can still find it online to start your full set.

It’s quite a collection, featuring both the theatrical and special edition versions of the film on Blu-ray. The collection also includes audio commentary, deleted and extended scenes and a lot of tangible goodies.

Aside from the film, which is one of the best installments to date, the collection also includes collectible art cards, and a book featuring art from the Dark Horse Comics Aliens series. There is even an all-new cover created exclusively for this 30th Anniversary Edition. The Digital HD release will include an all-new documentary titled “The Inspiration and Design of Aliens,” which delves into the origins of the film.

James Cameron directed this critically acclaimed sequel starring Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of the Nostromo’s deadly encounter with the monstrous Alien. After drifting through space in hypersleep for 57 years, Ripley returns to Earth, haunted by nightmares of the past. The studio teases, “Although her story is initially met with disbelief, she agrees to accompany a team of Colonial Marines back to LV-426…and this time it’s war!”

If you just want the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray edition, without all the extras, that can be found here on The set shown above will release on September 13, 2016 according to the studios announcement.

The original film, which was directed by Ridley Scott, was based on a story written by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett. The film starred Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt and John Hurt. The studio released a 35-year anniversary blu-ray edition for the first film in the series as well, which you can pick up on the cheap at retailers like