Verizon announced that it will soon offer the LG V20 smartphone, which will be the updated model of the popular V10. The new device will offer a 5.7″ quad-HD display, all encased in a metal back cover that can easily be removed with the push of a button. It’s a pretty nice design, and it means that you will have the option to replace the 3200mAh battery down the road.

The back cover is made of AL 6013 aluminum, while both the top and bottom of the V20 are covered in silicone polycarbonate. This is what will be protecting your phone from the numerous surfaces that you leave your phone on, and should help prevent chipping and cracking if you should ever drop it.

Inside the V20 users will find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 64GB of memory (50.45GB user available according to the company) which is expandable to 2TB with MicroSD. Of course that 2TB card is sold separately. The device also offer 4GB of RAM, which should be enough for those of you that hate closing apps and multitasking the day away.

The V20 will also offer Steady Record 2.0, which helps keep your videos from stuttering about from your shaky hands. The camera will also include a hybrid autofocus to make taking pictures and selfies a little easier, and it also offers wide-angle cameras on both sides of the phone. The phone will also be bringing back the popular second 16 megapixel rear-camera.

The LG V20 will will feature audio recording using a 24-bit / 48 kHz LPCM format, meaning your recorded audio-logs, concerts and acoustic sets will sound better than ever. The phone goes after audiophiles further by offering four Hi-Fi Quad DACs, but the company did not go into detail during its presentation on just how those will work with the device. Verizon did state that the new tech will reduce white noise, while also canceling out all analog interference when listening through wired headphones.

This will also be the first Verizon LG device with the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system preloaded at launch. This means that the phone will also support Vulkan-supported high-quality, high-efficiency graphics for more immersive gaming, and new productivity features, such as Direct Reply. This won’t be a modular smartphone, and it won’t be waterproof, but the new operating system and sturdy battery life should attract a few hopeful buyers looking for something new.