Acer’s Predator line of gaming monitors offers some of the best features and specs on the market, they are often recommended by the gaming community for their high resolutions, fast response times and impressive 144Hz rates. This week at the IFA Global Press Conference in Berlin, Acer detailed four new Predator gaming devices with integrated eye tracking hardware from Tobii. Those include Predator 21 X, which is the world’s first curved screen gaming notebook. The company also revealed the world’s first three gaming monitors with integrated eye tracking, including one curved screen model.

“We continually strive to push the envelope of gaming and bring it to new heights with a complete portfolio of premium Predator gaming devices that offer the most cutting-edge, transformative technologies,” said Jerry Kao, president of IT Products Business at Acer. “Predator is one of the industry’s most respected and admired gaming brands, and we are proving this true once again by bringing entirely new experiences to gamers, made possible with Tobii eye-tracking technology.”

Simulator gamers, like those that play Elite Dangerous and Euro Truck Simulator 2, are already using the tech to allow players to look around freely in any direction without having to orient their character or vehicle in the same direction – the scene camera will orient itself based on the user’s gaze and attention. This eye tracking implementation, called ‘Infinite Screen’, is one of many different ways Tobii is improving realism and immersion in PC gaming. The new Acer products that will offer integrated Tobii Eye Tracking are the Predator 21 X Curved Screen Gaming Notebook, the Predator Z27IT 27” Curved Screen Gaming Monitor, the Predator XB251HQT 24.5” Flat Screen Gaming Monitor and the Predator XB271HUT 27” Flat Screen Gaming Monitor.

“Acer’s integration of eye tracking in four different gaming devices at once is the most solid demonstration of the industry’s growing belief in eye tracking gaming to date,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. “The Predator line is poised to set a new benchmark in hardware specifications and the experiences gamers will demand in the future.”

Gamers who purchase a Predator device with Tobii Eye Tracking, have the chance to play over 40 Tobii Eye Tracking Enabled titles including Tom Clancy’s The Division and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Tobii is actively working with PC game developers and studios of all sizes to rapidly expand the Tobii Eye Tracking game portfolio and expect over 100 eye tracking titles by the end of 2017. Most recently, the company announced eye tracking integrations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Master of Orion.

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