It’s interesting how important computer speakers are, especially when you’re faced with an extended period of time without them. Speakers are such an integral part of my PC that I have just taken them for granted. While I waited for the Rosewill SP-7260 to arrive, I unhooked my existing Logitech X-240 2.1 set and the separate subwoofer. I’ve had this set since 2009, and it has always served my needs. I’m a huge fan of music, I watch all sorts of TV and movies on my computer, and I game regularly on it. I also do video editing, and I enjoy the occasional humorous YouTube video every now and then. Needless to say, I pretty much need sound all the time.

Even though I was waiting for the unit to arrive, I opted against hooking up my existing speakers again. My desk is set up in such a way that getting everything wired up is a major pain the butt, so I went without sound from my PC for a day. It makes you truly appreciate that speakers magically make sound come out of your computer, and you realize that it can be an incredibly important part of your PC when you don’t have it.

Soon I had the new Rosewill SP-7260 speaker system set up, and all was well. The SP-7260 woofer speaker system features a 2.0 Channel Gaming Woofer Speaker System with 60 Watts Output RMS. There is a 4.00” Deep Impact Bass Driver, a 1.50” Crystal Clear Tweeter Unit, and it features individual volume, bass and treble control for fine tuning. There is also a side control panel with a headphone port and extra Aux-in connections.

As you can see from the specs, this isn’t at the high end, or audiophile dream come true, but it served my needs decently. My original Logitech system had a total peak power of 50 watts, so the Rosewill system beats it by 10 watts. It’s not something that would have really noticed, since I rarely listen to my music on full blast (certainly not with two toddlers in the house).

The Rosewill system not only boasts a tad more power, but it has the added convenience of having fewer parts by combining the subwoofer and satellite speakers into the same unit. From a convenience standpoint, this was preferable, having three separate parts to wire was a major pain with my current desk setup. But is having everything in one better for performance? Let me put it to you this way; would you ever accept an all-in-one PC as your primary gaming rig over something you can custom build to your specs? Well, me either.

Having a separate subwoofer in my old Logitech system may have been an installation nightmare, but it did pack a nice powerful punch. Music thumped appropriately and movies, TV shows, and games shook the room. The Rosewill speakers do no such thing. Sure, each speaker produced a louder sound than I’m used to, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the Rosewill set had clearer sound, but I miss the low-end thump. For a built-in subwoofer, they do an admirable job, but it’s very clear that these are built-in and would never produce the same quality of bass that a separate woofer can.

That being said, The sound quality was fantastic. Lack of bass-thump aside, the Rosewill produced incredibly clear sound during my testing. The speaker cabinets are made of wood, which give it a nice acoustic quality when compared to my older set of plastic speakers. Overall there is a discernable difference between highs and lows, and the sound is less “muddled” when compared to my previous setup. I did however run into one huge issue that made the speakers nearly unuseable, but I quickly found a solution.

If you have a lot of electronic wiring near the speakers (which you probably will since most users by this setup for the PC), then you will probably pick up a lot of static. Perhaps I’m just sensitive to noises, but having three dogs and two toddlers, I don’t think that’s the issue. The static was never ending, I ended up just turning off the speakers whenever I knew they weren’t going to be used, but that’s obviously not an acceptable compromise. Eventually I figured out that my modem, which is set up behind my monitors, was the reason I was getting all that interference. I don’t know what specifically was causing the issue, but the moment I move my modem away from the speakers, everything was perfect and I never heard the static again. So one is for sure; the Rosewill system is far more sensitive to neighboring electronic interference than my old speakers were. So make sure you don’t have anything like a modem too close to the setup.

Which bring me to my final observation, which is the size. My older set was tiny; each satellite couldn’t have been more than 2” x 4.5”. I could tuck those anywhere and they would be virtually invisible. These new speakers are huge compared to smaller systems. On the one hand it makes my whole setup look really cool, since they are incredibly attractive speakers to begin with, but anyone who might need precious space on their desk will run into some issues. I happen to have plenty of space, but even I had to set the left speaker up on top of my printer/scanner at first, which is driving me insane aesthetically speaking.

You can find them for $69.99 on when this review was written, and on for $89.99. Nice clear sound aside, the lack of low end bass and cumbersome size makes it hard to convince someone why they should pay more for something that may not outperform a cheaper unit. Its pros are there, but there are one too many cons to justify its price.