Samsung introduced two very attractive gaming monitors that are sure to excite the AMD crowd. Both of the new installments offer a curved screen, and some impressive stats. The new monitor is the CFG70, and it is available in both 24″ and 27″ versions. There is also a CF791, which comes in a 34-inch. The first model offers a curvature of 1800R, while the large model offers a 1500R. A few of the extras include interactive LED lighting, a new user dashboard, and both offer the popular AMD FreeSync Technology. The CFG70 offers a 1920×1080 option, while the larger CF791 offers a 3440×1440 display. The CFG70 does offer 144HZ and 1ms timing with that 1080 cap however, but the larger model isn’t far behind with 100Hz and 4ms timing. The larger option also comes in 21:9, while the 1080 models offer 16:9. 16:9

“Incorporating the same quantum dot technology found in our incredible TV lineup, the CFG70 and CF791 monitors are poised to deliver the most realistic experience for gamers and consumers alike,” said Andrew Sivori, Vice President, Consumer IT Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “In addition, we’ve bolstered color accuracy, refined the display curvature and significantly reduced MPRT (Moving Picture/Pattern Response Time).”

One of the catchphrases from Samsung’s announcement of the two monitors is “quantum dot technology,” which is found in Samsung’s award-winning UHD televisions. Now that tech is coming to the monitor market with the CFG70 and CF791 monitors. By incorporating quantum dot technology, the monitors display a wide range of vivid and crisp colors, while requiring less energy to do so. Both monitors express brilliant color across a 125% sRGB spectrum, giving greater depth to blacks and sharpening color intricacies. In Samsung’s announcement the company states, “These color distinctions increase the nuances of game play and far surpass display offerings available in conventional monitors. In addition, the monitors are the first quantum dot curved displays to feature a cadmium-free design, similar to all Samsung 2016 SUHD TV’s.”

The CF791 and CFG70 will offer AMD FreeSync over HDMI, it’s a popular technology with AMD users, and it can synchronize screen refresh rates (ranging from 100 Hz for the CF791 to 144 Hz for the CFG70). The tech is used with AMD graphics cards. This compatibility reduces input latency, stutter and lag to produce a uniform full-screen game display.

In addition, both monitors are designed to reduce eye strain by offering blur reduction technology that activates backlights when images appear. While this is happening, integrated line scanning technology divides the backlight into four channels and sequentially organizes its positioning to match featured on-screen content. This synchronization minimizes visible blur and maintains users’ focus on a continuous, distortion-free picture.

The display offers a three-sided boundless design, which the company states, “removes visual distraction and keeps gamers focused on the screen rather than the display itself”. Players may also customize the monitor’s alignment to match their unique ergonomic needs through both a tilt and height adjustable stand.

The CFG70 includes Samsung’s user-friendly Gaming UX OSD interface. Gamers engaged in competition can access the interface’s intuitive dashboard to view all essential settings, ranging from response time to refresh rate, in a single glance. Gameplay settings can be easily adjusted through shortcut hot keys located on the front and back of the monitor. Additionally, the monitor has an innovative ball-and-joint mechanism that allows the neck to seamlessly tilt, adjust height, rotate, and pivot, all without moving the base. The CFG70 also incorporates interactive LED “Arena Lighting” to provide a richer gaming experience.

Samsung has seen great success with its line of AMD Freesync monitors. Models like the CF591 shown above (which these new models will replace) also have a 1800R, AMD FreeSync and Game Modes. You can checkout the previous models on authorized retailers like on Samsung’s Monitor page on

Pricing for the CFG70 will start at $399 (24”), and $499 (27”), while the CF791 will be $999.