If you didn’t see the hilarious clip of Thor at SDCC, the one where he was briefing everyone on his solo mission away from the Avengers, you can finally watch it online. Thor was mostly absent in “Captain America: Civil War,” but don’t worry, he’s been busy with his new best-friend.

The clip is part of the extra bonus content included in the “Captain America Civil War” Blu-Ray edition, which is available for pre-order on sites like Amazon.com, and is releasing in just a few weeks. Marvel released the video on the studio’s official Twitter page, and it was uploaded by a few publications to YouTube.

Thor fans didn’t get to see a lot of Thor action when they went to see “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters, but he’s just been hanging out, getting to know the world he now lives in, and finding a little Thor time. Chris Hemsworth himself stars in the clip, reprising the iconic character and introducing the world to Thor’s new roommate – and newest member of “Team Thor,” Darryl.

Another popular Avenger appears in the video, Bruce Banner (the Hulk) who stops by to catch-up with his buddy. Taika Waititi directed the clip, which is fitting because he also is directing “Thor: Ragnarok”. The Blu-ray edition will come with loads of other extras as well. There will be a “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” featurette, which comes in two-parts. There is also the journey of Captain America in “Captain America: Road to Civil War” and the Iron Man version “Iron Man: Road to Civil War”.

There is even an “Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange” exclusive sneak peek tucked away in the extra features. Fans can go behind the scenes as Doctor Strange makes his journey to the big screen. Other extras include commentary with Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and the screenwriters, a gag reel and deleted scenes.

You can find more information on the Captain America Blu-ray edition, including all of the extras, on authorized retailers like Amazon.com.