The name CL might be new to you, but the young K-Pop star is well on her way to conquering the American billboard charts with her late-summer jam LIFTED. The Korean pop star just released the new music video for “Lifted” this afternoon, and it’s sure to be hit all across the country.

This is a big step for the already world-famous performer, this marks the first release of a full English-language single for the artist. LIFTED is almost tailor-made to be a summer hit, with lazy beats and a few callbacks to recreational drug use. Much like other popular singers, CL also makes some popular, yet bold, fashion choices. In this video alone CL is sporting almost half a dozen looks, each of them a complete shift from the one before it.

From gold pistol-clips in her hair, to high cut body-suits, CL is pretty much a marketing dream to come life. She offers broad appeal and her stunning track is sure to boost her North American album sales. Drug use aside, CL is often times smiling and laughing in her video, she’s bright and fun and has no issues showing off her amazing moves early on in the video. Fans can watch the full-length trailer below.

This of course isn’t CL’s first single that became popular here in the U.S., last year she gifted the world with “Hello Bitches”. The single was produced by YG Entertainment’s Teddy and co-written by CL herself and Asher Roth. If you watch the video all the way through, you will find a stoked Method Man making an appearance. The popular rapper also dances with CL in a few short scenes.

The video for Lifted was directed by Dave Meyers, the same guy behind the Katy Perry “Firework” video, and offers quite a few terrific shots of our own dear NYC.