The keyboard and mouse have been the default input devices for personal computers for the last four-decades, but touch-screens and other bluetooth options are getting a lot of secondhand support from developers. The Windows 10 Anniversary update, that recently launched this month, brought with it a ton of wonderful options for stylists and pen-writing devices, and Penclic has a new bluetooth device that can help you ditch the mouse.

The wireless option connects via bluetooth, and offers the same three-button design and scroll-wheel that you would find with a traditional mouse. Because it’s a pen, not a mouse, the primary button is on the right (don’t worry you still click it with your primary index finger) and you click the secondary button with your thumb. Connecting via bluetooth is just easy as connecting to a speaker, or a headset, and the device was completely plug-and-play with my Windows 10 operating system. No drivers or special software required. There is also a five-button option that you pick-up if you need the extra features.

Holding the device is rather intuitive, though I did have to train myself not to squeeze my thumb and index finger together while clicking. The scroll-wheel operates the same way it would with a traditional mouse, and it offers a middle-click functionality as well. If you are left-handed, you can still invert the primary buttons via the settings in Windows 10, just like you can with a traditional mouse.

While it may take a short adjustment period, the device is actually much easier on the wrist, and I can see how some users may benefit physically from its design. Gamers, arthritis sufferers, and the elderly can tell you that extended mouse-use can be rough on the joints – and the Penclic certainly feels much more natural in your hand. This is mainly because you are ditching the “claw” hold on the mouse, and instead, you are now resting the base of your hand on the desk. You can get a great look at just how the device works in this short training video produced by the company.

Functionality wise it works the same as the mouse, with adjustments and DPI settings being offered through the custom settings that are already baked into your Windows settings. While it may not offer a ton of extra features over its mouse-counterpart, it does offer some terrific physical benefits and might be the perfect solution if you frequently find that using your mouse over long periods of time is frustrating or painful. The Penclic is also PC and Mac compatible, so if you have two platforms that you work on, you can bring your favorite new non-mouse along with you.

Pricing is a little high, with the device being offered on Amazon for about $88. That puts the device at the same price-level as a few expensive gaming and performance devices on the market. As for a traditional input device, the wireless option can serve a lot of purposes but I think the physical aspects of the device are where users will find the biggest benefits. If you are looking for a mouse alternative I think this should be high on your list, but if you are looking for an alternative because of a physical limitation or injury than you should certainly give this a try. The device is available worldwide, and you can find different retailers depending on your region on the company’s official site here.