With no shortages of e-cigarettes on the market, product manufacturers are now focusing on specific improvements to attract buyers. While some of these improvements may lean towards the side of ‘gimmicks,” the V2 Vertx Plus offers practical solutions and customizations for users to benefit from.

The Vertx Plus is one of the newest additions to V2’s e-line of products, we have reviewed a few of the previous V2 Pro additions in the past, and this one is onpar with those releases. The Vertx is a low-profile and very discreet e-cig that could be perfect for many users. One of the key features of the new design is the touch screen, which offers quick and easy controls over voltage and displays useful information. The same LED screen also offers an indicator that shows the user how many charges remain. This is one of the better improvements, since before the indicator, users would simple use a device until it blinked, or simply stopped working all together. There were little to no warning as to how much charge was remaining until depletion.

A few of the Vertx Plus designs have carried over from previous models, the Vertx Plus offers the same magnetically attached cartridges and charger made popular by earlier V2 models. Users should find that the construction and quality with the Vertx Plus is similar to the V2 Pro series. This device also offers pass-through charging, which is fantastic if you often use an e-cig at a workstation or in the car. The passthrough design means that you won’t have to worry about battery life, because you can use it while it’s charging. The company states that the device offers about 650 puffs per cartridge, so how many days that will last you will depend on your smoking habits. The battery contained inside is a simple 420 mAh battery, so you should haven’t too many issues with the device, even with moderate to heavy daily use. How the battery performs will also depend on your voltage settings. Users can adjust the voltage from 3.5v to 4.5v to increase the amount of e-liquid being vaporized.

Professionals and those hoping to quit regular tobacco are easily the target demo for this pen. The low-profile design lets you get your nicotine fix without attracting attention. The device could easily be mistaken for a black pen while sitting at a desk or in your pocket, and there are no bright lights or giant tanks that might be an eyesore in a public setting. Vaping, or e-cigs, are not exactly welcomed everywhere across the country, and I have found that I prefer not to be noticed when using them. It’s better to be unseen than be lighting up a corner with LED lights, or exhaling giant puffs of vapor in my opinion. My habits have been simply to move away from traditional cigarettes, though I still haven’t given up nicotine, and I have been using e-liquids for almost two-years now. You can get a quick introduction to the device below, with a video from the manufacturer.

Of course the pre-filled tanks are both convenient and a little more costly. It has been cheaper in the past to have refillable tanks, and replaceable atomizers, than it has been to keep a steady supply of pre-filled tanks around. The upside is that there is no mess, and you can travel and commute with pre-filled tanks with ease. Replacing a pre-filled tank is also much easier while on the go, when compared to refilling an empty larger tank. The pre-filled tanks are generally a lot sleeker than the larger tank models overall, which is why I think office professionals and new non-smokers might enjoy the ease of the Vertx Plus.

Inside the VERTX Plus Starter Kits is everything you need. The box contains a battery, the charging cord with passthrough design, 3-pack of cartridges and of course a manual to get started. You can checkout pricing and other models at v2.com/learn/vertx