Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be making her late-night debut since accepting the Democratic Nomination this month. Clinton will be a guest on the show on Monday, August 22, 2016. Jimmy is sure to ask the presidential hopeful about her campaign plans, and what she thinks of her opponent Donald Trump’s latest statements.

The Former United States Secretary of State and the current Democratic nominee is also the first female nominee for President. Clinton has been on the similar late-night shows in the past, though this time she will be attending as the official Democratic nominee. This won’t be Clinton’s first trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Clinton also appeared on the show back in March.

Supporters of Clinton and fans of Jimmy Kimmel will want to set a reminder for the event. Kimmel and Jill Leiderman serve as executive producers for the popular late-night series. Jason Schrift, Douglas DeLuca, Erin Irwin and David Craig serve as co-executive producers. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is shot live in front of a studio audience and produced by Jackhole Industries in association with ABC Studios.