While details of the meeting are still a closely guarded secret over at Sony HQ, the makers of the PS4 have announced that a press-meeting will take place on September 7, 2016. Sony has kept attendees in the dark, simply stating that the announcement has to do with the Playstation brand.

Rumors of a new Playstation, currently being called the Playstation Neo, have been swirling for months now – and most of the industry expects that Sony will reveal an updated Playstation this fall. Sony has already confirmed that a new console is on the way, but other than a direct confirmation, the company has been quite on the specs.

Launching an updated version of a current console isn’t new, Sony has repeatedly offered ‘slim’ versions of its consoles in the past, but this new version is expected to offer more processing power and even a better GPU. The move comes right after Microsoft released the Xbox One S, which offers a new design and updated components.

It’s important to point out that this won’t be a Playstation 5, simply an updated model of the PlayStation 4. Sony made it very clear that it would still support the PS4 community and games wouldn’t be divided between the two versions.

Since Sony is launching the PS VR bundle this fall, odds are this new console will offer more power to fit the VR experience. While the PS4 is already three-years old at this point, the VR tech will also work with the current system. In any case, we hope that the Playstation Neo is actually called the Playstation 4K. Not just because we hope it offers 4K gaming, but it would be a perfect name for midlife console update, and 4K is already a well recognized term in the gaming community. It’s just a perfect fit, but Neo would be fine too.

Playstation fans will want to set a reminder for the news on September 7th, but even if you don’t Twitter, Facebook and almost every tech-site on the planet will be sure to cover the announcement.