As the world waited for Hillary Clinton to accepted the Democratic nomination for president, a short introductory video produced by Shonda Rhimes was shown before the event. It’s a high-profile piece, one that became an instant hit on social-media sites like Twitter as it was shown during the night’s proceedings, and you can check it out for yourself below.

The video, while short, had a few very popular names attached to it. First of all, the Hillary Clinton video was narrated by the masterful Morgan Freeman, and the video features interviews with President Obama as well as former President Bill Clinton.

Within the video you can find the usual pre-nominee extras, there are old photos of Hillary Clinton, clips of past interviews she did as the first lady and as Secretary of State. The video seems to push a softer side of Clinton that normally doesn’t shine through during her debates and speeches.

The video was released shortly after Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination this year, an event that brought out a few protesters that still stand behind Bernie Sanders despite his own endorsement of Clinton. You can watch the video in full above, thanks to an upload from the DNC itself after the event concluded.