Entertainment Studios announced that the studio has acquired the motion picture 47 METERS DOWN. ES will distribute throughout North America through its recently-purchased theatrical distribution company Freestyle Releasing.

47 METERS DOWN stars Mandy Moore (TANGLED) and Claire Holt (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) and tells the story of two adventure-seeking sisters who go cage-diving while on vacation in Mexico. Much to their horror, the cage breaks away from the boat, leaving the pair in an observation cage trapped at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by hungry Great White sharks. The key to their survival – with very little time and very little oxygen in their tanks – is to try and swim 47 meters to the surface while being hunted by the sharks. 47 METERS DOWN also stars Matthew Modine (FULL METAL JACKET) and is directed by Johannes Roberts. Mark Lane and James Harris produced 47 METERS DOWN, with Bob and Harvey Weinstein as Executive Producers.

Entertainment Studios currently has a multi-year output deal with Netflix, and also recently closed a multi-year home entertainment output deal with Anchor Bay/Starz with the announcement of acquiring, producing, and globally distributing 100 motion pictures over the next 5 years. 47 METERS DOWN is the second acquisition by Entertainment Studios, with the horror/suspense movie FRIEND REQUEST (scheduled for wide release on 2,500+ screens on October 7, 2016) being the first.

“Dimension Films has delivered us a terrific movie,” said Byron Allen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Entertainment Studios. “We have paid a premium for 47 METERS DOWN because we really believe in the genre, and in the film.”

“We love this film and support the filmmakers. We even contributed additional funds to enhance the picture,” said Matthew Signer, EVP of Production & Creative Affairs for Dimension Films. “Our original plan was to release the film before THE SHALLOWS but since that couldn’t happen, we decided to go with a more conservative release strategy that would take place this Summer. When the producers brought us Entertainment Studios, who will release the movie wide next year, we all agreed this would be the best option for everyone involved and were happy to make a deal. We wish Entertainment Studios the best of luck and couldn’t be happier for the filmmakers.”

“We loved working with Bob, Matt and Keith at Dimension. They stepped up creatively and financially to improve the film tremendously and we are grateful to them for allowing us this opportunity. We are discussing a few projects and hope to work together in the near future,” said producers Mark Lane and James Harris.