As with any major installment to the Civilizations franchise, the new CIV VI game will bring new advancements and mechanics to players when it is released later this year. 2K and Firaxis Games released a new video on how “Unstacking Cities” will impact gameplay in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, showing off the new districts mechanic.

In the new game buildings will be grouped together in Districts, these districts will boost science, growth, production or culture depending on your choice. Now when you build a library, a university, or a research center, they will all go in one place, and that one tile will be easily managed. It will even look a little nicer than the hodgepodge of buildings from CIV V.

The developers stated that Unstacking Cities has implications that “permeate the entirety of the Civilization VI experience and this change presents new emergent strategies to players.” Choosing where to settle your city is now more crucial than it has ever been, as available tiles affect the potency of Districts and limit what Wonders can be erected in that particular city. This means players must adapt to their environment, consider greater city specialization and create more diverse empires throughout play.

It also means that you can loose buildings as your city is under attack, all without losing your city first.

In Civilization V, you simply queue up a build order, construct your buildings and they all live as one enormous stack within the city screen. With Civilization VI, the company has “unstacked the cities,” removing all of that clutter within the city screen.

So not only do you need to consider you build order in Civilization VI, but you also have to consider district adjacency bonuses and what terrains around your city center are compatible with certain Wonders. There isn’t one template for success in Civilization VI, and players need to react to the environment around them. No two games will play the same.

Combat is also affected by the Unstacking Cities mechanic in Civilization VI. As cities spread across more territory and become more exposed, adept warmongers may target specific tiles to cripple a city’s infrastructure before going after the city center. Additionally, passive players who would choose to fortify cities in the past must now consider their city’s full perimeter when deciding to pursue this same tactic in Civilization VI. A city is so much more than just its city center now.

Finally, from a visual standpoint, Unstacking Cities presents great aesthetical changes to the Civilization experience. Cities now look more diverse and reflect their growth in more distinct ways. We’ve found this change goes a long way, not only in making players feel more connected to their choices and progress, but also in keeping players immersed in the beautiful world of Civilization VI.

Wonders can only built be built on certain tiles as well the video explains. The Great pyramids for example, can only be built on Desert or Flood Plain titles. This adds a bit of challenge, authenticity, and strategy to the game as players improve their cities throughout the game.

Excited fans can already pre-order the game on sites like, the new title will release on October 21, 2016.