If you find dead-spots in your home where the wi-fi signal is terrible, you might want to keep an eye on Plume. The company is creating a router-less home Wi-Fi system that could solve your internet woes around the house. The company announced the pre-sale details for its “self-optimizing Wi-Fi solution,” with products expected to hit stores later this fall.

According to Plume, the device “rethinks home Wi-Fi by removing the need for a traditional router, offering a completely new system for people wanting fast and consistent connectivity in every corner of their homes.”

Plume works through a set of Pods designed to plug directly into wall sockets around the home – one Pod per room is recommended. Directed by the Plume Cloud, the Pods offer coverage, speed and reliability far beyond any other solution. The company stated that Plume is “smarter, faster, smaller and simpler to set up.”

“A single router can no longer meet the Wi-Fi demands of most homes today,” said Fahri Diner, CEO and co-founder of Plume. “While the latest generation of multi-router systems improve signal strength, they can choke the overall system capacity and speeds. These unnecessarily expensive products are based on decades-old technology that compounds the issue of a central router and cannot handle the complex variables and loads affecting a Wi-Fi network in a modern connected home.”

“We approached the problem from a unique angle,” Diner added. “Rather than introducing more routers, we decided to deconstruct the traditional router by leveraging inexpensive and scalable compute power from the cloud. The intent was to give people more Wi-Fi, in more places, on more devices, more of the time – all at a more affordable price point.”

As a result, the Plume team created Adaptive Wi-Fi, a deeply distributed, whole-home Wi-Fi solution that dynamically responds to varying WiFi conditions.

“Imagine an evening at home, where people are streaming 4K shows simultaneously on three TVs, surfing the web, online gaming, checking email and shopping,” Diner continued. “Add in your home’s connected devices – such as smart security cameras, door locks, speakers, or thermostats – all competing for the same network. Then imagine your neighbors’ homes doing the same thing on the same Wi-Fi channel. Plume overcomes the current limitations of existing solutions, which can’t effectively handle these situations, let alone the increased demand we’ll see in the very near future.”

By actively monitoring the home network, as well as the devices connected to it, Plume detects interference and continuously makes decisions to improve signal, speed and resiliency. For example, the system monitors the UHD TV box in the living room and boosts Wi-Fi capacity there so the 4K stream never loses resolution. Plume also directs mobile devices to seamlessly roam as they move around the home.

The Plume system sets itself up from the cloud in less than two minutes with the Plume mobile app. It allows Wi-Fi access control for guests or family members, and provides detailed insights into network speed and coverage. Plume continuously checks how fast and consistent the connection really is from the internet service provider and throughout the home.

Plume Pods are $39 each during pre-sale and come in three colors: Champagne, Silver or Onyx. Those that purchase during the pre-sale period will be first to receive their Pods on launch in the fall, when the price will rise to $49.

You an find more images and pick-up a few pods for your home at the official Plum website at plumewifi.com/store