Mass Effect is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming arena, so when a new title is coming out, you can bet everyone wants to know as much as possible. Unfortunately, the game is still in development and won’t be ready until early 2017. A new Mass Effect: Andromeda E3 trailer was released to hold fans over, but it’s still more of a tease than anything.

The new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, breaks away from Commander Shepard and the Earth-saving storylines of the past. The new game will have players exploring new galaxies, discovering new planets, and expanding mankind’s place in the known universe, but other than those talking points, the game is still a bit of a mystery.

The trailer released at this year’s E3 event didn’t give fans a release date, even though this is the second-year that the game has been teased at the event. The E3 trailer did show some of the game, and even offered a better look at the upgraded graphics and settings that will be featured in the story and CGI cutscenes.

The E3 trailer also shouldn’t be considered a full reveal trailer, it’s more of a commercial of the development process. The new trailer offers quick glimpses of the game mixed in with the developers bringing the next chapter to life through their technology and vision.

The game obviously fell victim to the “early reveal” pitfalls, where fans are shown a game way too early and are forced to wait it out as the game pushed back further and further into the future. Fans have known about the title for over two-years now, and so far they have less than 3 minutes of in-game video to go on and about 3 paragraphs of info to read on the new installment.

The franchise is worldly popular, so in the end the early reveal probably won’t affect sales. That being said, there seems to be no real benefit to the consumer to have revealed the game back in 2015, since barely any information has been given on the title since that time. If you’re going to tease the game over two years, you still have to release information on the title for that tease to work.

The new installment is “coming early 2017” at this point, and we do know that it will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We can only hope that Bioware is ready to show more of the game over the summer, with a full trailer and a better description of the gameplay mechanics and storyline that awaits players.