Telltale’s award winning episodic-series based on “The Walking Dead” is coming back this year. The developers made the announcement at E3 over the weekend, while also releasing a preview trailer for the game. Telltale and IGN revealed the world’s first sneak peek at the next installment, which will release in the fall of 2016.

The developers did confirm the name of the man with Clementine, his name is Javier and his relationship with Clementine is still a bit of a mystery. The developers stated, “Yes, Clem returns and will play a key role, but this is a new story as much as it is a continuation of Seasons One and Two.”

Players completely new to the Telltale series will be able to play the game without any prior knowledge of the first two-installments, but players that have played earlier episodes “will perhaps find some even deeper meaning in the new game.” This according to the publisher’s announcement of the series.

If you have played the first two-games, the company is working to ensure save file decisions will carry over from the last two games.

“When it comes to Clementine, players’ relationships with her have very much evolved over the course of Seasons One and Two. In Season One, it was all about playing a more paternal role and helping a little girl find her feet and the courage to survive in a world gone to hell,” the developers explained in a statement sent out after the event.

The publisher added, “Season Two was about Clementine developing her skills and becoming more independent of the people around her. In this next season, she’s in her early teens, and has grown to be a person who is clearly capable of handling herself – someone very much on the same level as Javier, a fellow survivor who has been through hell, and has managed to remain alive as long as Clem.”

The company went on to explain, “Clem has also been through a lot since we left her at the end of Season Two… and depending on the paths players may have taken with her in the past, she may or may not be exactly the same person we knew back then.”

In the new game players will live vicariously through both Javier and Clementine, but no plot details were given at this time.

The game’s story of course is being held tightly under-wraps, as its twists and turns are one of the key-aspects of the series. You can expect more information, a few more teasers, and a firm release date to be released by Telltale over the next few months.