Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay are expected to partner on a new film surrounding the controversy and ultimate demise of Elizabeth Holmes, the Silicon Valley star behind Theranos.

Theranos was once a “unicorn” of the tech industry, having created new blood-testing tech that was expected to revolutionized the industry. Soon after its launch to stardom, Theranos and Holmes were praised by the healthcare industry, the media, and humanitarian groups that saw the new technology as a path to better testing and more accurate diagnostics in the field. Forbes even hailed Holmes as America‚Äôs richest self-made woman, a net-worth that the publisher later changed to zero.

Now Holmes faces criminal charges, Theranos has all but been destroyed, and the company’s promises and its founders have all been discredited. It’s a tale almost tailor-made for a Hollywood adaptation, and one that should attract quite a few studios.

Lawrence is expected to play Holmes in the film, adding to her growing list of biopics, with McKay directing. Both are coming off terrific films, with Lawrence getting an Oscar nomination for her biopic “Joy,” and McKay also getting an Oscar nomination for his film “The Big Short”.

The two haven’t made anything official at this time, though several publications have reported the project. Deadline was one of the first to report on Lawrence’s involvement in the Theranos film. More information on casting, which studio won the rights the script, and other details surrounding the film will be announced as the project moves closer to production.