It has been over thirteen-years since moviegoers first met Nemo, Marlin and Dory, but the franchise is still one of Disney’s most popular PIXAR installments. The fishy friends from the original film are coming back this summer for “Finding Dory,” the long awaited follow-up in the story, and the cast and crew hit the red-carpet this week to celebrate the release.

Disney held a enormous world-premiere for “Finding Dory,” hosting the celebration for all of the children and adults that came out to meet the stars of the new film. Disney will be celebrating the film throughout the year as well, updating attractions like “Turtle Talk with Crush” at Epcot to include the new characters.

A few of the original favorites were at the event, including Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, they of course will reprise their roles of Dory and Marlin respectively. Some of the new cast-members came to the event as well to celebrate with fans, those new voices including Kaitlin Olson and Ty Burrell. You can catch a few members of the cast and crew on the red-carpet in the video below from the event.

This new installment was directed by Angus MacLane and Andrew Stanton. Fans might remember that Stanton was also behind the PIXAR hits “Finding Nemo” and “WALL•E”. “Finding Dory” was produced by Lindsey Collins, who was also a co-producer on “WALL•E”.

Joining DeGeneres, Brooks, Olson and Burrell in the film are Ed O’Neill, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton. Parents might also recognize Idris Elba, Dominic West, Bill Hader and Sigourney Weaver. All four actors lent their voices to the new project.

In the film Dory sets off to find her family, as well as fill in a few gaps in her memory that she acquired over the years.

Fans only have a few more days before the big premiere in local theaters. “Finding Dory” is set to debut on June 17, 2016.