Fans of the Mirror’s Edge franchise have waited almost 10 years for the follow-up, which launches this week on PS4, Xbox One and PC. DICE, and it’s publisher EA, are officially launching Mirror’s Edge Catalyst this week; it will be available in both retail and digital form.

The game invites you to step into the shoes of Faith – a self-assured Runner thrown into a struggle against the oppressive Conglomerate in the city of Glass. Explore Glass from the beautifully lit rooftops to the dark and gritty tunnels below. Run free in the city districts with Faith at the center of it all. Through the first-person perspective, use your fluid movement and combat skills to master the environment and become the catalyst of change.

“We are excited to see players explore the city of Glass and experience the thrilling adventure we’ve crafted for the last few years,” said Mirror’s Edge Catalyst producer, Amo Mostofi. “Players will also get a competitive experience through the Social Play features and the online challenges coming from our team and from the community. They’ll also be able to keep an eye on the city and their friends’ performances through The Beat, available on or as a companion app on mobile devices.”

Watch the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst “Why We Run” Launch Trailer below, which EA prepared for the launch of the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches June 7th (North America) and June 9th 2016 (worldwide) on Xbox One and PS4, if you want the PC version you will have to go through Origin.

The upswing of it being an EA game is that if you are an EA Access member you will receive a 10 percent discount if you buy the game digitally on Xbox Live. Origin Access members get a 10 percent discount when they purchase the game through Origin as well. Digital versions and retail versions are also available through online retailers like