It has been almost 8 months since we had a new “Rick & Morty” episode, and we can’t wait for season 3. The popular Adult Swim series left us with a heartbreaking episode last October, and fans have had been stuck in the limbo-dimension as they wait for the new season to premiere. Luckily the creators of the series have released a Rick and Morty Instagram game expansion, called “Interdimensional Cable Adventures.” The idea is a crossbreed between the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, and a hidden-image picture game.

You can find instructions for how to play the “game” here, on the official rules page. The new expansion released this week offers new levels based on the popular recurring episodes from the show. If you’re new to the concept, it’s actually an incredible idea.

If you already know how to use the site, then you can head to @RickandMortyRickstaverse Instagram account. Adult Swim calls the idea “The Rickstaverse” and hails it as the first video game built entirely on Instagram. Like we said, it’s more of an adventure-exploratory-pictopage experiment, but we love Rick & Morty too much to argue.

The idea was produced through a collaboration with Carrot Creative, and the whole system originally launched back in July to coincide with the second season.

As for The Rickstaverse itself, it’s composed of over 120 Instagram accounts and over 1,800 individual squares. The idea is simple, even though the game’s execution must be mind-boggling to control.

Users play by looking for hidden photo tags to warp to different levels. When they do so, they can discover comics, show clips, and minigames. The first expansion, “The Smiths Get Squanched,” launched with the season 2 finale and features levels based on that episode.

The popular game has over 100k followers on Instagram, and it’s one of the best marketing devices we have ever seen on the platform.

As for the new expansion, that is called “Interdimensional Cable Adventures” and it launched this week. The expansion is based on the wildly popular Interdimensional Cable episodes of Rick and Morty. In those episodes, co-creator Justin Roiland improvises scenes and the animators work around his madness

The new expansion features 20 new levels, including the Plumbus Factory, and a new collectible: Gazorpazorpfield Comics.