Three Fields Entertainment has found the perfect way to add excitement to golf, by taking it off the fairway and allowing you to destroy everything around you. The studio announced today that Dangerous Golf is now available for digital download on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam, allowing players to play the ultimate round of golf, like never before.

Dangerous Golf came out of nowhere in January 2016 to become one of the most anticipated games of the summer. Created by a small indie studio of just 11 veteran developers, the game has been lauded by both press and fans for its wild and ridiculous gameplay that turns the world’s most boring sport into explosive, messy fun. The studio also released a launch trailer for Dangerous Golf, which you can check out below.

Three Fields Entertainment calls Dangerous Golf, “an irreverent, silly, fun approach to golf games that challenges players to break the rules and wreak havoc on more than 100 holes in four unexpected locations,” and although the idea is simple, the game certainly looks addicting.

“Entertaining and addictive arcade games have been at the core of all the games we have made over the past 16 years and as our fans would expect Dangerous Golf is a fast and spectacular piece of pure, stupid fun,” said Alex Ward, Founder and Creative Director of Three Fields Entertainment. “Golf games have always been slow and boring to play — but they don’t have to be. Ours is set indoors with expensive stuff and messy food. Throw in some explosives and boom — you’ve got yourself hours of addictive, arcade fun that everyone can enjoy.”

Fiona Sperry, Founder and CEO of Three Fields Entertainment added: “We’ve deliberately set out to make a game that friends and families of all ages can have a laugh playing together. Since 2008 we’ve made connected games based around friends competing against each other. Dangerous Golf is a breath of fresh air in a market lacking original games that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.”

Three Fields Entertainment credits the world class technology developed by Epic and nVidia as key components in making a fast action multiplayer game filled with destruction. The team has been working closely with both Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 team and nVidia for the past two years to push the boundaries of their PhysX, Apex Destruction and Flex technologies. Until today, most game worlds have been filled with largely static objects that puts the player in a world where everything seems to be glued down. Dangerous Golf is the world’s first physics-driven game that requires the player to smash every object in the room as the basis of the gameplay.

Dangerous Golf features Single Player, Co-Op and turn-based online and offline play. Despite having golf in the title, shooting for par is not the objective. Players win by breaking every object they can see, making the biggest mess and for pulling off outrageous trickshots as they sink the ball. Play takes place in a series of elaborate indoor and outdoor locations including a hotel kitchen, a fancy French palace, an outback gas station and a stately medieval castle.