EA’s new “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” won’t launch until June 7, 2016 here in North America and June 9 in Europe, but EA Access and Origin Access members can try the game early.

Starting today, players can reunite with Faith on Xbox One and PC, yes even before it is officially released.

In the new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst installment, players will explore the origin story of Faith, and her rise from a thrill-seeking free runner to a heroine who opens the eyes of an entire city.

Featuring fluid movement and combat in a massive city where players can run free and explore from the highest, most pristine skyscrapers, to the dark and gritty tunnels that lie beneath, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst adds a new level of immersion to action adventure games by putting players in the first person perspective.

Members can explore the city of Glass early and try out the unique movement and combat gameplay for up to six hours with 10 missions and two districts. The Play First Trial also includes Social Play, an asynchronous multiplayer mode where players can challenge their Runner friends to their own Time Trials or place Beat L.E. within Glass for others to find. For those who decide to continue Faith’s story in Glass once Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases, they’ll be able to pick up right where they left off – all the progress made carries over.

In addition to playing EA games before they’re released for a limited time and getting a 10% discount on digital purchases, EA Access and Origin Access memberships also unlock The Vault, a growing library of games they can play as much as they want including Battlefield 4, EA SPORTS FIFA 16, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Players can pre-order the game on popular retailers like Amazon.com to be ready for the launch of the game on June 7, 2016.