FanZcall Interactive Sports introduced their new app designed to take the boredom out of the MLB viewing experience. Rather than sitting on your couch and slowly nodding off, FanZcall lets baseball viewers become a part of the action, engaging audiences between each at-bat.

After downloading the app and signing in via Facebook or creating a user log-in, players are prompted to make game-time predictions, earning “FanZpoints” which add up, giving you ultimate bragging rights over your digital peers. The app features a fan-friendly interface with built-in stats that are easily understood by players of all ages.

The game rules are easy to follow, each prediction dragged to the center of the screen must be made before the countdown timer runs out, adding a heart-pounding aspect to the gameplay. Predictions can be made ahead of time for players on deck, allowing for users keep the action going while the current play is in progress.The app’s sleek design allows players to easily drag and drop their predictions while simultaneously monitoring scores and keeping track of plays in progress. Players can also share their predictions, triumphs and defeats with live links to FanZCall’s Twitter feed and Facebook page at the bottom of the screen.

“Whether you are watching baseball from the stands or your couch, FanZcall puts you right in the batter’s box and into your very own game,” said Anton Khinchuk, Founder and CEO of FanZcall, a Boston based company. “You make the call, and compete with everyone from friends in your living room to users from around the world.”

Available on both iOS and Android, FanZcall is free to download and play, and features no in-app purchases. The app is completely free to use; ‘losing’ a FanZcall game won’t cost you a penny either,” said Dave Caruso, Chief Operating Officer of FanZcall. “There are no entry or surprise fees.”

You can try it for free on the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store.