With E3 just around the corner, game enthusiasts that didn’t get a ticket should be making their streaming plans for the week long event. There will be plenty of options to choose from this year, but Youtube might be your best bet for a buffer-free experience.

In the past when Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have live-streamed their events via their proprietary websites, it’ was choppy at best. Last year, millions of gamers hit YouTube for E3, and it was a pretty smooth ride all around. When livestreaming is involved nothing is really perfect, but streaming video is kind of YouTube’s thing.

Last year Bethesda unveiled “Fallout 4,” and Square Enix shared a first look at the “Final Fantasy VII” remake. There will be even more surprises this year, and hopefully a lot of new games to look forward to in the months to come.

YouTube will give gamers around the world front-row access to everything E3 again this year with dozens of live streams scheduled throughout the week. To make moments like this even better, the company will be launching event pages in YouTube Gaming, which serve as destinations for watching the biggest gaming and eSports events. Kicking things off, Youtube will also have a unique event hub for E3, available at gaming.youtube.com/e3 in June.

A home for live streams and on-demand videos, the YouTube Gaming E3 hub will put all of the E3 coverage in one place, so if you don’t have a ticket you can still enjoy the show. You’ll be able to browse videos and streams, chat live with fellow gamers, vote for your favorite trailers in the legendary Trailer Battle, and catch up on announcements you might have missed.

Coverage begins on Sunday, June 12, with early press conferences from EA and Bethesda. Stay tuned on YouTube after the press conferences because you won’t want to miss post-coverage from our friends at Rooster Teeth – who will be streaming from the conference throughout the week.

The play-by-play coverage continues on Monday, June 13 at 9 a.m. PT, with YouTube Live at E3, an exclusive 12-hour stream hosted by Geoff Keighley and brought to you by Samsung.

Live at E3 will bring you the live coverage of press conferences you crave along with developer interviews, live let’s plays of new games you won’t find anywhere else, and surprise guests like MatPat, iHasCupquake and CaptainSparklez.