Swarovski has selected Karlie Kloss to embody its signature sparkle throughout the world, the model will join the company in new adverts and PR events going into 2017.

Creative Director Nathalie Colin stated, “We are so excited to have Karlie as our new brand ambassador. Besides her amazing beauty, she stands for modernity, freshness, self-confidence, elegance and spontaneity. Everything that we convey through our collections.”

Karlie Kloss is not just a model, she’s also a social-media mastermind. Kloss is a fashion and lifestyle inspiration with the Klossy YouTube channel, she is also the brains behind the Kode With Karlie scholarship and a philanthropist business woman with Karlie’s Kookies.

Karlie Kloss talked about joining the team by saying, “It’s an honor to join the Swarovski family and to be part of the brand’s long history of bringing elegance to women through brilliant, unique designs.”

Kloss is a natural fit for Swarovski, as Nathalie Colin explains: “Karlie is someone young women look up to – her use of social media makes her accessible to a broad audience. As a brand, accessibility has always been part of our DNA, and we take every opportunity to get closer to our consumers. Karlie has an innate understanding of the digital world; we can’t wait to leverage her creativity to share inspiring stories about our jewelry and capture those emotional moments in life. The whole team is already in love with her!”

To open up this new chapter together, Karlie and Swarovski created a quirky video, unveiling today on Swarovski’s social media channels, which lets Karlie’s personality really shine. The supermodel is captured in a natural and casual mood, getting familiar with how to pronounce the name of the brand, one of web users’ most frequently asked questions.

“We learned through Google search insights that the pronunciation of our brand name is actually in the top 3 global search topics for Swarovski. We saw this as an opportunity to address the question that many have on their minds, and with a little help from Karlie we developed dedicated content for Youtube to capitalize on the search demand,” said Yelena Aschberger, Vice President Digital Communication, PR & Events.

Now that she’s mastered it, Karlie is putting the call out to show the world how to say “Swarovski.” The new #HowYouSayit social campaign will encourage participants to share a video pronouncing the name of the brand on Instagram. Swarovski will then collect the videos together at swarovski.com/howyousayit as a fun, inclusive way to help fans master the pronunciation. At the end of the campaign, Karlie might just thank one lucky participant personally.

Karlie will continue to bring her captivating personality and inner shine to Swarovski’s fashionable and contemporary universe throughout the season.