The new “Black Panther” film from Marvel is pulling in some top-tier talent. It was already reported earlier this month that Lupita Nyong’o was in talks to join the new Marvel film, now it has been reported by THR that Michael B. Jordan will be joining the project as well.

As with Nyong’o, Jordan is now in negotiations to be added to the cast but Marvel has not made an official casting announcement at this time. Jordan rose to fame with his role in “Creed,” which many felt should have earned him an Oscar nominated last year.

Interestingly enough, “Creed” was a film that had Coogler and Jordan working side-by-side. The duo also worked together on “Fruitvale Station.” This may be why Jordan is working on the new Marvel project, even if he’s not the lead. Jordan is also expected to reboot “The Thomas Crown Affair” for MGM studios, as well a few other high-profile projects, all set to premiere over the next few years.

As we mentioned earlier, “Black Panther” will be directed by Ryan Coogler, Boseman will star as the title character T’Challa, the prince of the African nation of Wakanda. The prince later becomes Black Panther, a very popular character from the Marvel comic books. Joe Robert Cole co-wrote the script with Coogler, with Kevin Feige producing.

In the film, as in the comics, the prince takes over his kingdom after his father is murdered. Black Panther was introduced to the Marvel cinematic universe in the most recent Marvel film, “Captain America: Civil War.”

The new “Marvel’s Black Panther” installment will be released in theaters on February 16, 2018.