If you follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Twitter then you probably know all about his online production company HITRECORD. The company does account for most of his Twitter handle (HitRECordJoe).

If you’re new to the company HitRECord collaborates with hundreds of thousands of artists under the direction of founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt to bolster creativity and unify artists under a common goal. The platform allows anyone with an internet connection to participate in the creative process, working on a multitude of projects through the company.

HITRECORD has published books, released records, gone on tour, screened short films at Sundance and TIFF, and launched international campaigns with global brands. When hitrecord productions earn a profit the contributed artists are fairly paid.

“Hit Record on TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt” — a reimagining of the traditional variety show format — marks HITRECORD’s most ambitious project to date. The recently released second season of the show will soon be streaming on Netflix, joining the first season, which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media.

Now Joseph Gordon-Levitt is helping the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks. The two services announced a new series of creative projects inspired by the Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque movement, which celebrates the National Park Service Centennial.

Find Your Park and hitRECord collaborative projects will be unveiled throughout the National Park Service Centennial year, with the first launch including t-shirts, a hat, a baby onesie, animated safety videos, and an adult coloring book featuring 92 pages of designs highlighting the breadth and depth of the National Park System. Items are available online at Store.FindYourPark.com.

America’s more than 400 national parks and thousands of historic and recreational lands across the country served as inspiration for this collaboration. The remaining creative projects, in varying artistic mediums, include a set of postcards and a compilation of campfire stories with additional new projects to be unveiled on the hitRECord site in June, July, and August.

“Camping in Yosemite National Park with my family was one of my favorite activities growing up and I’m honored to be a part of the Find Your Park movement,” said Joseph Gordon-Levitt, founder of hitRECord. “The hitRECord community was truly inspired by the history of the parks, paying homage to the past while looking to the future as a creative collective with some very cool initiatives that cross over art, music, and fashion.”

“People might not traditionally associate art, film, and music with our national parks, so through our partnership with hitRECord we are opening people’s eyes to all that a park can be,” said National Park Foundation President Will Shafroth. “And not only that, we’re also helping people discover all the different ways they can help support our national parks. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a coloring book, these new items will help more people connect with parks.”

The creative projects will join the #FindYourPark project, which launched in March 2015. Find Your Park/Encuentra Tu Parque is a public awareness and education movement to inspire people from all backgrounds to connect with, celebrate, and support America’s national parks and community-based programs. #FindYourPark invites people to discover and share their own unique connections to our nation’s natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history.