Tonight is the night that GoT fans have been waiting for since we last yelled at our screens at the end of season 5. If you don’t have cable or an HBO subscription, you can still watch the season premiere tonight, totally free, and perfectly legal.

You read that correctly, no illegal downloads or shady internet sites to work with – just simple apps and free trials. HBO is letting everyone celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with a “free preview” weekend, and if you prepare a little early, you will be streaming the season premiere later on tonight. This way, you won’t have to avoid human contact and the entire internet on Monday morning.

Just to cover everyone, if you do have a cable subscription, just watch it on HBO. Like we said, the network is offering the service for free this weekend so you don’t have to do anything on your end (except find what channel HBO comes on in your area).

If you already have cable and HBO, you also have the choice of watching it on HBO GO. That service is available on the web and in app form, you can find it on the App Store and in Google Play. Just be warned, it’s not always reliable around GoT premiere time, the longer you wait the more stable it becomes. This is also the most popular option for students and children of HBO subscribing parents. It’s also the best option for subscribers that will be away from home tonight and don’t want to wait for the DVR.

If you plan on watching more GoT than just the free premiere, you can think about a $15 a month HBO NOW plan. That service was designed for cord-cutters that want HBO but don’t want to subscribe to cable. The great news for new subscribers is that everyone gets the first month free. That means you can watch the premiere, and a few GoT episodes on-the-house. At the end of the month you can decide if you want to keep the service. You can watch HBO Now on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku devices and iOS and Android devices, and after an initial setup, you will be streaming GoT in no time. The service most recently launched on Xbox as well.

The Sling TV option isn’t techinically free, but you can watch a lot of TV with it and it starts out free. Basic TV packages on Sling TV start at $20 and you will have to add the $15 HBO Now service to that price-tag if you keep the service running. The two services combined will allow you to watch GoT and a lot of other content without having to pay a cable company though.

We added this option because technically both Sling TV and HBO Now are offering free trials, so you could watch the premiere for free tonight if you choose to go that route.

Obviously the easiest choice is to watch it on cable if you have a subscription, if not, we highly recommend the HBO Now app free-trial. Nothing is easier than going straight to the source. There is some account setup and app download time to consider, so if you don’t want to be up all night, jump on this ASAP before the premiere.

If you need to set a reminder, Game of Thrones season six will premiere at 9:00pm EDT.