It was confirmed today that Doris Roberts, best known for her role as the overly attached and loving mother of Ray Barone in the ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’ series, passed away at the age of 90.

Roberts was born in Missouri back in 1925, she had an accomplished and very exceptional career before becoming a television icon on CBS.

Roberts acting career began back in 1951 on the show “Starlight Theatre.” Later she landed a role on the television series “Studio One,” with many more roles soon to follow. The popular actor appeared on dozens of television series before landing her famous ‘Mrs. Barone’ role, establishing a career that would probably exhaust many of today’s young actors. After a string of appearances, Roberts appeared on popular TV hits like “Full House,” “All in the Family,” “Mary Tyler Moore” and “Soap”. Roberts was also a featured actor in numerous TV Movies throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Not just a star of television, Roberts also appeared in films like “A Lovely Way to Die,” and “The Honeymoon Killers.” With a career dating back decades, none of her roles were as well known as Marie Barone, which garnered her countless fans. CBS ran “Everybody Loves Raymond” from 1996 to 2005.

Throughout her longstanding acting career, Roberts took home five Emmy awards. Roberts won one of them for her work in “St. Elsewhere,” the other four were from “Raymond.”

Costars of the comedy series reached out on social-media. “To my beloved Marie – RIP,” Patricia Heaton tweeted, adding, “Truly the end of an era.”

During her life Roberts was married twice. Her first husband was Michael Cammata, with whom she had a son. Later in 1956 she married William Goyen. That marriage lasted until Goyen passed away from leukemia in 1983. Along with her son, Michael Cannata, Jr., Roberts is survived by three of her grandchildren.