EA has begun teasing the next major update to “Star Wars Battlefront” this week. In a recent blog posting on the official website Craig McLeod, the Producer on the game, highlighted a few of the new features and game-modes that will be coming over the next few months.

“It’s been a busy 2016 for us so far, as we’ve been working on adding a lot of new, free content to Star Wars Battlefront, while also launching the first expansion pack as part of Season Pass, Outer Rim,” McLeod told readers. “We’re excited to see that you’re enjoying the new maps we’ve added on Hoth, Tatooine, Sullust and Endor, that you’re out earning new weapons with Hutt Contracts, and for Outer Rim owners, that you’re taking advantage of the new heroes, Greedo and Nien Nunb.”

The producer went on to list a wide-array of free extras that are coming to the game over the next few months, including items and extras that should please fans.There will be new in-game events that offer double scores, and the game will add special community missions and special events that will earn players more XP, credits and items just for playing.

There will also be new Hutt Contracts to obtain, those will unlock new Star Cards for players. One of the biggest teases McLeod released today involved offline content. “We also have a couple of surprises in store that we know our fans have been looking for, especially those who have been clamoring for ways to have more options to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront offline,” McLeod states. The producer stopped short of outlining the content, only writing, “More to come soon.”

Almost every Star Wars fan knows that May 4th is a special day on the Star Wars celebratory calendar. EA will hold special events on that day for Battlefront Players as well, but the exact details won’t be announced for another few weeks.

Until then, June will give Season Pass holders brand new content. The second digital expansion pack is called “Star Wars Battlefront Bespin,” and it will launch this summer. McLeod’s post reads, “We’re taking players in and around Cloud City, with four new maps for all of our most popular modes. You’ll see AT-ATs in Cloud City, take to the skies in Fighter Squadron, and even spend time in a carbonite chamber.”

The new content will also add new weapons, Star Cards and a new game mode.  The update will also add two new iconic characters,  Lando Calrissian and the bounty hunter, Dengar.