Following Warner Bros. Pictures’ event at CinemaCon this year, Sony had a few superheroes of their own to share with the crowd on Tuesday night.

During the live-event Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt hit the stage to discuss their new space-voyage film “Passengers.” The upcoming  project was directed by Morten Tyldum, working off a screenplay written by Jon Spaiht, and will release later this year. The studio also released clips and trailers from its wide-array of upcoming films, with full-length trailers expected to hit the internet over the next few weeks.

Even though Sony had “Spider-Man” waiting in the wings, “Passengers” seemed to be a big hit with fans and attendees at the event. The sci-fi drama stars Lawrence and Pratt, playing characters that suddenly awake earlier than planned from a 120-year trip through the cosmos.

While “Passengers” offers a lot of ‘star’ power, Sony made sure to tease the company’s biggest project planned for 2017 ; “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” The studio stopped short of offering up any clips or trailers from the highly anticipated film, but Sony did reaffirm the film’s July, 2017 release date.

This will be first Spider-Man film to be produced by Marvel Studios, bringing back the same Spider-Man that will be featured in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.” During the event the Spidey star, Tom Holland, hit the stage to quickly announce the title of the film, but stopped short of offering any key details on the project. Sony is going with the title “Spider-Man: Homecoming” for the new installment.

The upcoming western remake of “The Magnificent Seven” was also mentioned during the night. That film will star Pratt and Denzel Washington. The film will hit theaters in September.

Other notable films that Sony has scheduled include the animated film “The Angry Birds Movie”; and the 2016 summer blockbuster “Ghostbusters.” That film stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.