Although it has been long since rumored, Warner Bros. Pictures officially announced at CinemaCon 2016 that Ben Affleck will direct a standalone Batman film. The confirmation came from Studio chairman Kevin Tsujihara.

Tsujihara made the announcement after praising the current directors on their own DC Comics projects. Those films include Zack Snyder and his “The Justice League” project, and Patty Jenkins on the upcoming film based on “Wonder Woman”.

Tsujihara told the press, “I’m also excited we’ll be working with filmmakers like Ben Affleck in a standalone ‘Batman.’” This isn’t exactly a surprise, since Affleck first agreed to be Batman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” there has been talk about the Oscar-winner taking on a Batman project of his own. Now fans can wait for that film to start production and get excited about a new cast of baddies for Batman to pummel.

While Tsujihara did confirm Affleck’s directing, that’s were the news stopped. No other details or casting announcements were announced for the future Batman film. Most fans are probably curious on when the film will come out, since the “Justice League, ” “Aquaman” and “Wonder Woman” films all have fixed dates at this point. The DC universe is getting crowded at the box-office, and it still lacks the streamlined efficiency of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point.

Affleck first appeared as Batman in the recently released “Batman v Superman” film, but he will also appear in “Suicide Squad” as the caped crusader. Affleck will also take on the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman when the follow-up film “The Justice League” releases.