There will be a lot of changes to absorb when “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger” premiered on Lifetime this summer. The film, which is remake of the cult classic, is hitting the network on June 18, 2016.

“Mother, May I Sleep With Danger” is getting a James Franco adaptation in honor of the project’s 20th anniversary. In the new installment Lifetime and Sony Pictures Television partnered with James Franco to remake the classic TV movie, and its just as weird as you can imagine.

The retelling stars Franco and reunites Tori Spelling (True Tori) and Ivan Sergei (Jack and Jill) from the original film. The new installment also features Leila George (The Long Home), Emily Meade (Broad City) and Nick Eversman (Wild).

With a story by Franco, this updated classic features a vampire love story that brings a whole new meaning to “sleeping with danger.” The film comes on the heels of Lifetime’s successful and buzziest movie event of 2015, A Deadly Adoption, starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.

The original version of Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? will be available beginning April 29th on Lifetime Movie Club.

in the story, when theater major Leah (George), brings home the special someone in her life to meet her mom, Julie (Spelling), the family is met with a surprise when Pearl (Meade) comes to the door.

Julie tries to embrace the idea of Leah’s new love interest, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong. Julie’s suspicions lead to a startling discovery about Pearl that puts Leah in serious danger. The network teases, “Will Julie be able to save her daughter from an eternity of heartache before it’s too late?”

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? is produced by Sony Pictures Television in association with Rabbit Bandini Productions. Franco executive produces with Vince Jolivette, Diane Sokolow and Rachel Verno. The script is written by Amber Coney (Class) from a story by Franco, and directed by Melanie Aitkenhead (Shang).