Last year DC Comics announced that it would produce an animated adaptation of the classic Joke tale “Batman: The Killing Joke,” and after a long silence on the matter, the studio has released a lengthy trailer for fans to enjoy.

The adaptation was announced at the premiere of Bruce Timm’s “Justice League: Gods and Monsters,” and since then fans have waited for a better look at the new film.

If you are new to the story, “Batman: The Killing Joke” is based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland. The story is part Joker origin, but in true Joker fashion, it’s hard to tell the truth from the fabricated. The story also goes into the events that paralyzed Barbara Gordon, which caused her to retire as Batgirl. The story is considered by many to be one of the best Joker mini-sagas ever written, and now you watch it unfold in a new film. That being said, you should really read the graphic novel if you haven’t done so.

The animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke is executive produced by Bruce Timm. Back in 2015 DC Comics announced The animated adaptation promising that the film, “will retell this classic tale in an exciting new way.”

The new adaptation will also feature an original 15-minute prologue that helps set up the story, giving even longtime fans of the story something new to look forward to.

There were two other films announced in 2015, “Batman: Bad Blood,” which is an original Batman story that features the introduction of Batwoman to the new line of animated films, and “Justice League vs. Titans”. That film will offer an original story and the first of the DC Universe Original Movies to feature the Teen Titans.

The trailer/preview was uploaded earlier today at Daily Motion, we will also embed the video below.

A Sneak Peak at Batman – The Killing Joke by hpootpfan

The Killing Joke isn’t the first classic DC graphic novel to be adapted into an animated film. Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, as well as Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier, have also received the animated treatment.