Earlier this weekend Michael Smith, who plays Bubbles on the ‘Trailer Park Boys’ series, was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery.

Now one day later, Smith and others involved in the incident have released a statement fully denying that any assault took place.

News of the incident was quickly reported after police were called to the scene at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel around 1:15 a.m. on Friday. In a report from the Los Angeles Times, Officer Mike Lopez stated that local police did in fact arrested Michael Smith on domestic battery charges, which is a misdemeanor in the state.

One of the more interesting quotes in the statement that was released today comes from Georgia Ling, the woman involved in the incident.

In the prepared statement Ling wrote, “Mike and I did indeed have a heavy argument but it saddens me the way things are being reported and the way it was handled by the police. At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would’ve called the police myself, which I did not.”

Ling’s statement continued, “The police were called by others not present in the room who mistakenly perceived the argument to be something other than what it was. When the officers arrived I tried to assure them there was no real issue, but they proceeded to arrest Mike”.

In the same statement Mike Smith admitted to the argument, but denies the charges against him. “Georgia is a friend of mine and we had a loud and heated dispute,” he explains. “That is all. At no time did I assault her. I am not guilty of the misdemeanour charged against me.”

The show is a popular addition to Netflix, the series backed the actor stating, “The other members of the Trailer Park Boys and all staff stand behind Mike and look forward to the matter being resolved favorably.”

Netflix has not made an official comment at this time.