HBO released a new “Game of Thrones” season 6 trailer over the holiday weekend, just a few days after the network released a similar teaser during last Thursday’s NCAA Basketball game.

The trailers serves as a perfect vehicle for HBO to not only promote the upcoming “Game of Thrones” season, but also to advertise the network’s new cable-subscription free online service – HBO NOW.

The new HD trailer offers more insight into the world of Westeros and its remaining characters, all of which will take center-stage when the series premieres later this spring.

This new season will leave the books behind, venturing into new storylines that even the most devout Game of Thrones fans know little about. A few previous subplots that the network failed to adapt to the small screen in seasons 1-4 may come to light in the new season, but overall, the show is moving on from the books.

With flying dragons, the return of the Dothraki and a few quick shots of Tyrion, the trailer offers just a small sampling of the new locals and storylines that season 6 will offer.

Bran will obviously be a major player in the sixth season, having been absent from season 5. If you are a devout Jon Snow fan then we are sorry to inform you that he is still absent from the teasers. You won’t find any new hints on the fate of the popular character in the trailer that was released this month.

The “Hall of Faces” will also be returning in the new season, the landmark was a popular attraction when HBO brought “Game of Thrones” to SXSW this year; allowing visitors to add their own face to the growing list of dead men and women that the fates have collected.

The good news is that “Game of Thrones” will premiere in just a few short weeks. HBO will premiere the new season on HBO and HBOGO in April.