With five presidential hopefuls remaining, each with their respective hats still in the ring, the media coverage lately has been less about their political views and more about mudslinging. If you are still relatively in the dark when it comes to each presidential candidate’s views, then Tinder is here to help with a new survey and matchmaking scheme.

The popular dating-app has released a new feature called “Swipe the Vote,” and it’s perfect for anyone that needs more information before election day.

The company released a statement saying, “This year, we’re excited to partner with Rock the Vote and invite our users to weigh in on the issues that are heating up the debate and encourage them to register to vote ahead of the election. After all, millennials should play a big role in deciding who our next president is.”

The announcement continued, “Starting today, users in the U.S. may see a ‘Swipe the Vote’ video card when they are swiping. Simply tap on the card and to swipe right on stances you agree with and left on those you don’t. To learn more about each issue, just tap the card before your swipe.”

The short survey covers “ten of the hottest issues,” and once you are done you’ll be matched with the candidate who best matches your views.

“We’ll also show you how you compare with other candidates, too! From there, you can share who you matched with on social and – most importantly – easily register to vote with Rock the Vote” the company explains.

The ‘Swipe the Vote’ experience was built in collaboration with Wedgies, a real-time polling platform. Tinder isn’t the first app to try this approach, many online sites will allow you pick your stance on issues, then pair you with your perfect candidate based on your choices.

The results could surprise you, but with another eight months to go before election-day, you still have plenty of time to collect your thoughts.