One of the first major expansions to the popular MMO “Blade & Soul” will be released this week. Called ” The Silverfrost Mountains,” the new expansion will unlock a brand-new continent full of new zones, new quests, and new endgame content for players to explore.

The update will increase the character level cap to 50, and Hongmoon Level to 10. The developers are calling the expansion, “the biggest leap forward in the ongoing story, bringing players one step closer to unraveling the engaging world narrative, and revenge for their school and master.”

The update will also allow players to travel to a new Capital City, the mountain city of Zaiwei. This will offer a base of operations for players to explore the new content. The area will offer an activity hub, crafting workshop, and social center.

If you were hoping to get new dungeons with the update then you are in luck, the expansion will bring eight new dungeons to the game. The breakdown of those dungeons include five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple). These will be available in both 6 and 4 member versions. In today’s announcements the developers stated, “The Awakened Necropolis, Avalanche Den, and Lair of the Frozen Fang present a new pinnacle of challenging content, and the progression of your quest in exacting revenge against Jinsoyun.”

The 24 member open world instances added with the update include Frostscale Basin and Beastbog. Additionally, a brand new server event will call for groups of warriors to band together and protect Grand Harvest Square from hordes of attackers.

The Soulstone Plains will allow more battles to commence for the Crimson Legion or Cerulean Order. The new world PvP zone will have you protecting your mining operations from waves of enemies and the opposing faction to earn “valuable resources”.

Those who have already upgraded their weapons with endgame materials will skip ahead, while those who have yet to begin progressing at endgame will jump directly to the new system. The Clan crafting systems will allow players to create new items and upgrades, including a Clan costume, designed and crafted by members.