We are just a few weeks from E3 2016, where most of 2016 and 2017’s biggest games will be revealed. If you have yet to make the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, you can take advantage of a new promotion from Microsoft and save a lot of money.

The promotion was set to start next week, but a few online giants like Amazon have already started offering Xbox One bundles for $299.

According to Microsoft’s announcements, the Xbox One will get $50 price-cut on all bundles starting on March 20, 2016. The announcement was made by Xbox Live programming director Larry Hyrb earlier today.

The price-cut isn’t exactly shocking, but it may be too late for the Xbox One to catch-up in the current generation console race. Sony’s PS4 has lead the charge in the new generation, outselling the Xbox One in almost every single moth since the consoles hit stores back in November 2014.

Microsoft is calling the event a Spring Sale, but the marketing and pricing reflects the same pricing structure that Microsoft offered over the 2015 holidays.

Customers will be able to save money on games, both digital and retail versions, accessories and consoles. This will include both Xbox One and PC games, but many PC fans prefer to wait for the big Steam sale from Valve to get their digital games. The next big release on the horizon for the Xbox One is “Quantum Break,” that game is set to release in April.

The company stopped shorting of giving an end-date to the Spring Sale, but in the past most sales on the Microsoft store have lasted a few weeks.

How long the discount on the console itself will last was not announced, but it’s possible given precedent that it will eventually be made permanent. Odds are that Microsoft will keep the price down to boost sales numbers going into E3, then depending on how well the price-cut improved the customer base, announce the $299 price-point as the new base price at the event.

If you’re looking to pick-up an Xbox One, you can find 12 different bundles to choose from at Amazon.com.