Dove Cameron fans won’t want to miss “Stuck in the Middle” tonight, the popular Disney star and recording artist will perform a new version of the pop song “Genie in a Bottle” with Mal twist.

Mal of course is the “Descendants” character that Cameron has helped make popular with fans of the series. The new video is set to premiere later tonight (Friday) during a new “Stuck in the Middle” episode on Disney Channel.

In this music video, Mal is transported into the magic lamp of Jordan (played by newcomer Iman Karran), the daughter of “Aladdin’s” Genie, after wishing she had Jordan’s magical powers. Geared toward kids and tweens, the re-imagined song and music video are inspired by the “Genie Chic” storyline in the animated short-form series “Descendants: Wicked World.”

“Descendants: Wicked World” delivered 18 million unique Total Viewers in the final quarter of 2015, and was the #1 property on the Disney Channel app with 15 million video views/VOD orders.

To date, twelve “Descendants: Wicked World” shorts have generated over 68 million YouTube views.

Immediately following the Disney Channel premiere, the music video for “Genie in a Bottle” will be available on DisneyMusicVevo, and a dance tutorial with Dove Cameron will air on Disney Channel. On Sunday, March 20, Disney Channel will also present do-it-yourself genie-chic style videos and a “Radio Disney Total Access” featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the music video.

The new “Genie in a Bottle” music video is executive-produced by Missy Galanida (“Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea) and Isaac Rice (“Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber), and is directed by Jay Martin (“7 minutes”). Acclaimed hip-hop choreographer Willdabeast Adams (“So You Think You Can Dance”) and Janelle Ginestra are the choreographers. The new version of “Genie in a Bottle” featured in the music video was produced by TRiON.