Four of the internet’s most popular women are joining forces to create new content for “Dysh,” an app that helps users find, share and rate food at the dish-level. The new app unveiled some of the members of its founding team; a.k.a. the original “Taste Buds.”

Dysh announced today that YouTube sensations Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” and “My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut,” Mamrie Hart of “You Deserve a Drink,” Grace Helbig of “Grace Helbig,” and Ingrid Nilsen of “Ingrid Nilsen” as members of its founding team.

Hart, Hart, and Helbig have collaborated on many entertainment projects together over the years. Nilsen came to the group a bit later, meeting the others at a YouTube Convention, but says, “I had been crushing on them since way before that.” Helping build Dysh together is the first time this foursome has embarked on a large project together with one ultimate goal – helping build the next greatest food app.

Dubbed the original “Taste Buds,” these women are pioneers in the digital space and just so happen to have a common passion underlying their friendship — food. And similar to their collective group of over twenty million engaged fans, they rely on technology to make decisions in their everyday lives.

These “Taste Buds” joined Dysh because they believed something was missing in the digital space – a platform for food lovers to share their culinary experiences and discover the finest food anytime, anywhere; a place where the food obsessed can share with others in a community that does not take itself too seriously.

Lending their social media savviness to Dysh development, the “Taste Buds” have been monumental in shaping the functionality of the app. By identifying the importance of key social features like the ability to see who “likes” other people’s posts, to adding in-line commenting in the newsfeed, to being able to cross-promote content on multiple social channels, their input has been crucial in mapping out features and maximizing a user’s engagement within the app.

For Ingrid Nilsen, being able to use the app everywhere when traveling to find the best food was something that really resonated with her. “Since I travel a lot, I’m always looking for cool new places to try in new cities…and the most important thing about a dining experience is the food! I love trying new food and hearing what other people recommend.”

Mamrie Hart was looking for a digital platform where users are encouraged to share ALL of their food photos. “When I first heard about Dysh, I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it, probably because I was eating too much take out while watching Food Network at the time. What can I say? I LOVE looking at food. But sometimes I feel a little ridiculous uploading my 8th picture of pho to Instagram, but you don’t have to on Dysh! Finally, a guilt-free and gluttonous place to post food pictures!’

For Grace Helbig, the idea of creating a community where people can have fun sharing food really appealed to her. “As someone who spends a lot of time in the business of ‘poking fun,’ I’m excited to foster a safe place for food photography and information!” says Helbig.

Hannah Hart, who is known for her cooking as well as her work in the digital space, echoes this sentiment, “Dysh is the perfect tool to merge my passion for apps and appetizers!”

Founder and CEO, Ashley King says, “Working with Hannah, Grace, Mamrie, and Ingrid to grow and shape Dysh has been an honor. Not only are they perfect examples of what it means to be Taste Buds (they trust each other’s tastes and have fun sharing their culinary lives with one another), but they also bring a social and business savvy to building a platform for millennials. I am excited to see where we are able to go with such an amazing team behind Dysh.”

You can find more info on Dysh on the official website at