Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions and Saban Films released the first trailer for “A Hologram for the King,” the next film starring Tom Hanks to hit your local cinema. The film won’t release until later this spring, but you can get an early look at the project thanks to the trailer below.

“A Hologram for the King” is set to make its world premiere right here in our beloved New York City during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is part of the ‘Spotlight’ section if you happen to be attending with us.

Starring Tom Hanks, the film also features Ben Whishaw, Tom Skerritt and Sarita Choudhury. Tom Tykwer directed the film, working from a screenplay that he wrote himself. The film is based on the novel written by Dave Eggers.

In the film cultures collide when an American businessman (Tom Hanks) is sent to Saudi Arabia to close what he hopes will be the deal of a lifetime.

Baffled by local customs and stymied by an opaque bureaucracy, he eventually finds his footing with the help of a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) and a beautiful Saudi doctor (Sarita Choudhury).