At the time this article was written, many of our readers are most likely at work or at school, and we suggest they wait until they are alone before watching this NSFW trailer from HBO. It’s not entirely over the top, but better safe than sorry, it is Game of Thrones afterall.

The network finally released a new trailer for the highly anticipated sixth season today, and it shouldn’t disappoint anyone that has been waiting patiently for new footage from the series. While the new trailer won’t be giving away any of the hidden secrets that fans have been waiting for, it should be a welcomed treat for fans that have been surviving on promo-videos and teasers.

HBO has spent the better part of the last year teasing fans with posters, clips and promotional art for the new season, but now they can finally watch the trailer, thanks to an early upload from YouTube on Tuesday afternoon.

The new footage will no doubt start a whole new-round of conspiracies about the new season, which takes place beyond George R.R. Martin’s original works. We suspect that most of those theories will center around Jon Snow.

Fans will finally start getting some answers when the show returns this spring. If you need a reminder to set the date in your phone, “Game of Thrones” is set to premiere on April 24.