With a wide-array of 2016 game-releases headed to consoles and PCs, many gamers will be updating their hardware over the next few weeks to prepare for the overflow of AAA titles. We are always on the lookout for new headsets, and this week we tested-out the low-priced “VOID Surround Sound” gaming headsets from Corsair.

With a price-tag well under $100, we were interested in a lot of the features these USB and 3.5mm headsets had to offer. A USB adapter offers 7.1 surround sound, which is compatible with PCs and Macs, and the device offers genuine Dolby Surround sound with a simple plug-and-play interface. The free software for PCs offer some fine-tuning options for players hoping to maximize their enjoyment, and the same headset can be used through a long-list of compatible devices.

If you find yourself on the PC spectrum of gaming, then Corsair is a brand you most likely associate with Memory, PSUs, SSDs and cooling options, but their accessory line has been gaining a lot of ground over the past few years.

Corsair Headsets in particular have become popular for their low-price and long lasting comfortable design. The Void headset offers the same microfiber-wrapped, memory foam ear-pads that have earned them praise in the past, and we grew to really enjoy this model.

The Corsair headsets really are some of the most comfortable headsets you can own, even if you tend to have a bigger head like I do or are really picky about headset-weight. While comfortable, the memory foam also keeps the headset from getting too hot over extended play-sessions, and they should fit snug on any head without sliding around constantly and needing to be readjusted.

The headsets run on 50mm neodymium drivers, which offer great bass and some terrific dynamic range. The headsets will easily handle any music, movies, games and chat-sessions you throw at them, and the universal compatibility means that this headset can be your go-to device for almost everything.

Corsair states that the mobile-compatible connector works with PS4, Xbox One, and most modern mobile devices, which checked out just fine in our testing. If you want to use the included USB Dolby 7.1 adapter for Dolby certified sound, you can use that on PC or Mac via a USB port.

The headset does work as a simple plug-and-play on all of the PCs and Macs that we tested them on this week, but PC users can download the free Corsair Software for extra functions and controls. The software will allow users to control the basics of the headset, such as the EQ, muting and other functions, but will also give you access to the Dolby Sound controls as well.

While the sound on our end was fantastic with the Void Surround headset, the voice-quality on the other end of our chats was terrific as well. The headset does a wonderful job at mitigating the ambient and background noises in our testing rooms, and all of our recorded Skype, Twitch and general chat sessions had the headset performing brilliantly.

Corsair VOID Headset

The design of Corsair’s headsets has stayed the same for the past few years, and this model isn’t a huge upgrade in that category. The headsets can best be described as trapezoid-shaped, and while there are no glaring issues with the design or hardware, they aren’t the best-looking options that are available. Most gamers prefer function over form I’ve noticed, so I don’t think the choice to keep the headset-design as basic as possible will be an issue for most buyers. You can choose from a few colors if you would like to match your rig or other accessories.

With an MSRP of $79 these are one of the most affordable headsets that we have ever reviewed, we even found a red option on Amazon for just $59 at the time this article was written. With universal compatibility, terrific sound and amazing comfort, the Void Surround is an easy win for Corsair and the buyer. While I would love for the Corsair lines to adopt a more minimalist and thinner design overall in the future, it’s not really a sticking point for me at this price-point. It’s not easy to find such a compatible pair of headsets for under $100 that perform so well across so many devices, and if you are looking to upgrade your hardware over the next few weeks we highly recommend them.