Universal is already working on outfitting its park with a new “King Kong” attraction. The the studio-arm of the company will be handling distribution for Legendary Pictures’ next King Kong film, expected to release in 2017.

Legendary announced plans to make a feature film based on the cinematic origins of King Kong at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. An original draft of the script was written by Max Borenstein.

At the time of the film’s announcement Legendary stated, “Previous works have touched on the island, but staying on and exploring this mysterious and dangerous place offers Legendary the opportunity to take audiences deeper inside this rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions.” Universal Pictures will distribute the film on March, 10 2017.

As for the new attractions, Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure will be the home of “Skull Island: Reign of Kong”. Visitors will enjoy, “an exotic world filled with the menacing, the intense – and the wildly entertaining,” according to today’s announcement.

The company went on to describe the attraction stating:

“A powerful storyline, a stunning 3D experience, innovative technology – and the unexpected – will pull you into one of Universal Orlando’s most massive adventures yet. This is a multi-dimensional experience filled with surprise – all wrapped into what will be one of the longest Universal ride experiences ever created.”

The company went on to offer an imagining of the experience:

“The adventure begins as you set out to explore an island rife with prehistoric creatures of unknown origin – and the legend of a beast still undiscovered. You find yourself at a campsite of the 8th Wonder Expedition Company, the research team leading your adventure.

Once beyond camp, the menacing terrain shows signs of a native presence; beating drums draw you toward an ancient temple. Moving deeper into the ruins reveals a lost shrine – and proof you are not alone. You ignore warnings to turn back.

You board a specially designed expedition vehicle that will take you deeper into the island. Mysterious sounds pierce the air and you hear chanting. And then – you confront an enormous temple wall, complete with carvings and images that seem to pay homage to something you cannot quite comprehend. The temple’s massive wooden doors slowly open, revealing a labyrinth of caves.

Inside the caves, you meet your expedition leader – and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a raging struggle between creatures of incomprehensible size and ferocity. Then, as those creatures turn on you, there is an even more enormous, earth-pounding presence – bigger, closer and more overwhelming than you can possibly imagine. It is Kong.”

Tom Hiddleston will star in the film, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing.